Roshini experienced a knee injury whilst doing a half marathon. She was experiencing knee pain and calf pain which prevented her from doing the activities she loved like gym classes, hiking and running.

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Roshini had gone through physiotherapy but was still experiencing pain due to the Hoffa's fat pad impingement and iliotibial band friction syndrome. She wanted a longer term solution to help manage, resolve and understand her issues. Here is how we helped her get back to activities and she is still training with us in focus for her future races and day to day strength. 

Roshini first completed a full body biomechanics assessment to find out if the route cause of the issue was at the knee joint. We found muscular weakness in Roshini's ankle, knee, hip and core muscles. This helped design exercises specific to Roshini’s goals. We started by building strength in these key areas and continually testing the strength and tolerance of how the knee felt in different exercises.

Our equipment helps us to customise the machines to suit Roshini’s joints and build strength in a way that is efficient and pain free. Roshini is now back to running and doing gym classes, and we continue to work together for her race events next year. 


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