helping YOU resolve pain and achieve YOUR strength goals.


Some time ago Strength House co-founder Tara experienced a knee injury. She spent many frustrated years bouncing around the NHS and paying privately for physiotherapy with no resolution.

She was misdiagnosed, given the wrong exercises (which made the injury worse), and spent hours trying different treatments from shockwave to laser therapy. There had to be another way.

Greg and Tara delved deep into the science of exercise mechanics and muscle testing to try to find a solution. They discovered flaws in the design and application of exercise in both the personal training and physiotherapy industries. The difference between success and failure appeared to be in these details.

It was this experience that determined the approach to exercise at Strength House. Our results now mean that both physiotherapists and surgeons confidently refer their clients into our care.

To be clear, we are not physiotherapists. We are exercise specialists. We are passionate about exercise, muscles, joint mechanics, and helping people get stronger and out of pain.


We understand that pain can be complex and difficult to treat, so we can work with your physio or doctor to ensure you are on the right path.

Strength House listens to your needs and we factor your lifestyle into our approach. Our team helps you to make gains (without the pain) and to optimise both your health and wellbeing.


Inside our boutique private personal training facility in the City of London, our personal trainers create a welcoming and non-judgmental space powered by know-how. We employ the smartest techniques, backed by science, at the right pace for you. That way, your health becomes a journey you'll enjoy.

Greg and Tara have hand picked some of the best strength equipment in the industry, and even gone one step further by modifying the resistance to give your body the best chance to build strength and resolve pain.

We ensure only a few clients train at the same time to allow for a private training session that never compromises on your programme. Clients have access to full shower and changing facilities with complimentary towels, filtered water and pre workout coffee to help you stay focused.


Why our resistance training machines are ideal for you.

‍We use a hand picked selection of resistance machines. Some are new and some date back to 1988. Each one has been chosen for a specific reason.

The machines are engineered to help you maximise your strength, whilst minimising the stress on your joints.

What makes them so unique is the research that has gone into them. When you apply resistance to the body it's important to understand where your muscles are stronger and where they're weaker in a given movement.

The developers of the machines used an isokinetic device to measure where we are able to produce the most and least amount of force through a particular range of motion.

This data helped to create resistance training machines that are optimised for the people who use them. People like you.

If you want to fix your muscle strains and joint pain, the amount of force you produce in an exercise must be within your tolerance.

The resistance you choose is one factor in this equation. How the machine manipulates the resistance according to where you’re  stronger and weaker is just as important. Especially if you want exercise to help you fix your muscle strains and joint pains efficiently.

If you've tried to rehab an injury with exercise or been prescribed exercises to do at home before and they haven't worked, this may be why.


Please request a complimentary 15 minute video call or an in person consultation to find out how we can help you.

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