Unresolved knee PAIN

I came to Strength House to help resolve my knee pain and they also sorted out my limited shoulder range.

Hernan came to see us about his unresolved right medial knee pain that started after training at home following a knee injury.

Following his assessment we found Henan had some specific weakness in his right leg (hamstring muscles), and a limited range of motion in his right arm when lifted over his head (shoulder flexion).

His Strength House trainer Oli took him through a bespoke programme to first restore function to his leg and shoulder muscles and then to build full body strength.

Hernan's Strength progress has been incredible with increasing his hamstring strength by 102% to date and no longer has a shoulder limitation. Hernan is now more confident with his training and pain free.

After about 2 years of training at home after covid, and following a knee injury, i got in touch with Strength House to do a full assessment and discuss my goals: to rehab the injury as well as other lighter chronic/occasional joint pains, and build overall strength back.
The assessment was detailed and comprehensive, the exercise routine was designed with my goals in mind, and given the sessions are personal, a lot of attention is given during each exercise. After two months i feel a lot of improvement both in my knee and my overall strength.
The facilities are clean and spacious; the machines and equipment are of great quality; and everyone is very friendly and professional.
If you are looking for a personalised training coaching this is a great place.


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