AchilLies rupure - the road to recovery with strength

Achilles rupture exercise rehab personal training at Strength House, City of London

Rose tore her achilles tendon during an exercise class on holiday. A painful and traumatic injury that needed support after surgery.

Alongside her ongoing physiotherapy check in’s, Rose started at Strength House to help rehab and build the strength she needed to support her in recovering from her injury and get back to walking pain free and without the use of crutches. It had been a while since Rose had tried any strength training.

Achilles rupture biomechanics assessment, personal training at Strength House, City of London

After our assessment process we designed a programme to help her build strength in her lower body focusing on strength around her hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps so she could better support her recovery on the path to walking around day to day after surgery.

Achilles rupture exercise rehab personal training at Strength House, St Paul's, City of London

We also designed some key exercises specific to her plantar flexor muscles to help build strength to support the movement of her ankle. Rose is getting stronger every session and continues to train with us as part of her exercise rehab journey.

Read Rose's review:
"I ruptured my achilles whilst on holiday in Egypt during a step aerobics class in February 2023. I returned to the UK and had surgery. I was in a cast for several weeks before wearing a boot and not being allowed to weight bare for 12 weeks. Once I eventually started to weight bare I started to attend physio sessions.
I reached out to Greg & Tara at Strength house a couple of months after starting my physio sessions as I was very concerned about the (slow) progress I was making in rehabilitating my injury. I was also mentally drained/fatigued from being in pain constantly and unconfident that I would ever get better.
Starting my rehabilitation at Strength House was a game changer. Not only wereGreg and Tara very knowledgeable about the rehabilitation of my injury but the programme they designed for me was bespoke on another level. My injury was considered on a completely individual basis but my mental wellbeing and personal circumstances outside of Strength houses sessions were all considered in the bespoke programme they made for me. I improved dramatically in a short space of time as soon as I started training at Strength House, both physically and mentally, with their expertise, motivation and care.
I have now been working with them for several months and I’m really grateful to them both for helping me so much. The encouragement and expertise from them has been invaluable and I feel safe in their hands and confident in my recovery journey."


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